This is the time of year that normally sees quite a bit of market activity because it’s a good idea to use your tax return towards buying a new home. I’m in Raleigh for a wedding and was sitting at dinner with another Realtor last night who was telling me that he is experiencing the same issues that the Nashville area is. They have more buyers than sellers. This is great news for sellers as they are getting multiple offers soon after hitting the market. What it really means is that it is more important than ever for both buyers and sellers to have a dedicated Realtor.

With the influx of part-time agents who have another job, they may not be available when the houses hit the market. Part-time agents may not have the relationships with other agents to see houses before they hit the open market. Having a dedicated, full-time Realtor increases the likelihood of getting to close on a beautiful home you may not have even seen with a part-time Realtor.

With a market moving as quickly as this one is right now, not using a Realtor at all means that whether you are buying or selling you are going to be navigating contract negotiations without understanding of its common practice for the buyer or seller to pay closing costs, split costs, or what to look for in a contract to ensure you are getting the best possible deal. When selling a home, using a Realtor means that you have someone helping you figure out what needs to be done before it hits the market to maximize potential profits. It also means that you have someone guiding you through the closing process.

In a fast market it is essential to have someone on your side with the time and resources to dedicate to you. This ensures that you receive the best possible outcome in the shortest possible time. A good Realtor makes buying or selling an enjoyable and informative process.